Purgatory Road

Released 09/15/2009

Track List


  1. Utopia
  2. Purgatory Road
  3. You Can't Outdrink The Truth
  4. Thunder & Lightning
  5. Que No Puede Ver
  6. Closer To My Dream
  7. The Ride
  8. On The Run
  9. Cobalt Blue
  10. What Good Is I Love You
  11. When You Whisper In My Ear



Purchase john Arthur's new album "Purgatory Road" below. $9.99 for the digital album. (Download the album as mp3's that will play on any device, iPod, Zune, etc.)

"I always tell people I went to the Hank Williams school of songwriting," says john Arthur martinez. "I was always trying to capture his ability to marry a lyric with a melody." With PURGATORY ROAD, he's definitely earned himself an A. Martinez's flowing melodies carry stories told by a true Texas songwriter, with evocative lyrics inspired by wide open spaces, friends, family and the wayfarers who populate our lives in unexpected ways.

Martinez's forthcoming release is filled with the spiritual and creative energy of Texas' hill country, where he lives in Marble Falls, and musical influences that range from Dan Fogelberg and James Taylor to Carlos Santana, Cuco Sanchez and Asleep at the Wheel.

"I'm like the menu at a Texas diner," he adds. "There's chicken fried steak, there's chili con carne-smothered enchiladas, there's the spinach veggie omelet, there's fresh pecan pie. It all comes out of the same kitchen, just like my folk stuff, my country songs, my Latin tunes, my ballads, my rockers."

It's a tasty menu, indeed.