If Stars Could Sing

Released 02/15/2015

Track List

1. Let’s All Go To Mexico by JAM*+

2. Down On the Corner by John Fogerty*+

3. If Stars Could Sing by JAM, Rick Bussey, London Baileigh Grounds, & David Horner+

4. Karma by JAM, Donna Aylor & Ande Rasmussen+

5. Hotel California by Don Felder, Don Henley, & Glenn Frey (radio version)

6. Kiss & Makeup For Lost Time by JAM, Mike Blakely, Jerry Harkins & Mike Siler*

7. When the Heart Takes Control by JAM & Myrl McDuffie+

8. Little Nashville by JAM

9. Longnecks and Heartaches by JAM*

10. Jivin’ Gear Jammer by JAM & John Herron*

11. Cardigan Sweater by JAM & Mike Blakely

12. Too Old To Die Young by Kevin Welch, John Hadley, & Scott Dooley*

13. Hotel California by Don Felder, Don Henley, & Glenn Frey (uncut cut)

14. Ink Is Always Blue (Old JAM 1982-83 song from San Marcos days)


Album dedicated to Edward Flores our loving friend & fellow musician who left our world to be in a greater place with his Father in heaven. 

Dave Froehlich of Good Day Interview & Performance by JAM 


Engineer: Kurt Baumer, john Arthur martinez, Rex Schnelle, Chris Reeves, Stefano Bertolotti, Paul Chris & Joel Guzman

Producer: john Arthur martinez

Studio: JAM Studio, Cottonwood Shores, TX,, Leander, TX, Ultrasound Records, Belgioioso, Italy, http://www.ultrasoundrecords.it, Walter Cross Studio, Houston, TX

Drums: Walter Cross, Stefano Bertolotti

Bass: B.B. Morse, Mark Epstein

Percussion: Luiz Coutinho de Souza, JAM

Guitars: Chris Reeves, Caleb Rojas, Rex Paul Schnelle, JAM

Fiddle: Kurt Baumer, Ron Knuth

Mandolin: Corby Shaub

B3: Joel Guzman

Accordion: Joel Guzman

String Arrangements: Joel Guzman


Harmony: Mike Blakely, Kurt Baumer, Chris Reeves, Rex Paul Schnelle, JAM


Let's All Go To Mexico

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Basic tracks recorded in Belgiosso, Italy.