What A Christmas It Was (single)

Released 12/15/2009

Track List

1. What A Christmas It Was


I wrote the song with the positive memory of my grandparents’ farm on my mind.  Everything in the song is true except the exact time of our exodus from my father’s home. The Christmas setting allowed me to easily include the highlights I remembered from the holidays I spent on the farm. My grandparents, not only my mom and dad’s parents but my stepfather’s parents, made all meals from scratch, fished and hunted to provide for the family, kept vibrant gardens, collected rainwater, stitched beautiful dresses from flour sacks, and repaired and mended what could be reused. These memories from my past are all that much more beautiful set against the ugliness and the circumstances of divorce.


“What a Christmas It Was” describes the first Christmas after the separation of my parents, but it also points directly to the birth of Christ. I actually received two bikes one Christmas, a blue one from mis abuelos on my dad’s side, and a red one from my grandparents on my mom’s side. But, I realized that putting that into the song didn’t make it any better.



What A Christmas It Was

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