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Host A JAM House Concert

I absolutely love playing House Concerts because they make it possible to connect with friends and fans from all over the country, and beyond. Heck anyone with a front porch, living room, barn, backyard, patio, deck or airplane hangar (yes I've played in an airplane hanger) can host a House Concert. The events are designed not to be a burden for the host. Your friends and guests can help by bring a covered dish, desert, appetizer or "adult beverages" along with a suggested donation to the artist. The weekend events usually bring more guests and listeners while the weekday events, though sometimes smaller, are still beneficial to the artist in helping cover travel expenses & lodging. The events I've done in Florida, Texas, the East Coast, Arizona and California have become annual events, they are that much fun! I'm usually very approachable so don't be shy about emailing me(please put House Concert in the subject line) and we will figure out a way to make it happen.

Check out the following websites below for all of the tools & support you'll need to host a JAM House Concert.

New York Times Article

CNN House Concert Feature

How To Host a House Concert by By Jamie Freedman










Fans, do you have pictures or video of john Arthur at at show or an appearance? If so email them to and we will post them to the website.